Introducing the NeurOptics® Smart Approach to Pupillary Evaluation, a completely automated system from patient admission to discharge.

An accurate, reliable and objective system that saves valuable nursing time and eliminates potential charting errors.

NeurOptics NPi®-200 Pupillometer

  • Precise, accurate, objective and reliable measurement of pupil diameter and pupillary response, irrespective of the experience of the healthcare professional
  • Pupillary response is expressed numerically (NPI – neurological pupil index) so that changes can be ‘trended’ in much the same way as other vital signs (BP, oxygen saturation, pulse, temperature and respiration)
  • The NPi®-200 pupillometer incorporates an LED light source, a high precision infra red camera and extensive microprocessor capability
  • Functionality includes Bluetooth®-enabled data transfer and a customisable trending screen for all parameters
  • NPi®-200 Pupillometer data output is compatible with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems
  • Robust, durable ergonomic design
  • 2 year’s full manufacturer’s warranty extendable for a further 3 years under the SafeGuard scheme.

NeurOptics SmartGuard®

  • Individual patient device incorporating RFID smart card technology
  • Up to 168 paired data sets stored in SmartGuard® memory covering median NICU stay
  • Convenient data transfer to electronic medical records
  • On disposal, the patient data can be destroyed in compliance with HIPAA (the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, healthcare specific data protection) and local guidelines associated with individually identifiable health information

NeurOptics® Antimicrobial Barcode Scanner by Socket®

  • Facilitates convenient scanning of patient ID onto the individual SmartGuard on admission
  • Thereafter, each pupillary response measurement data is automatically stored for eventual transfer to EMR.

SmartGuard® Reader by Omnikey®

  • Contactless technology retrieves and uploads patient data to EMR at discharge
  • Data transfer by USB at convenient nursing station.

Use of the Pupillometer in Neurocritical Care