CueSee® Glucose-PT is a revolutionary whole blood glucose quality control material especially designed for application in External Quality Assessment Schemes to verify the precision and accuracy of blood glucose point of care analysers.

Delivered in ACU-Drop® II packaging, a dual chambered device which in one compartment contains plasma with glucose and the other compartment contains fresh packed red blood cells.

When ready, the user simply pushes a button to allow the components to combine. The two compartments are mixed to obtain a highly commutable, real blood like sample.

This packaging concept requires no need for additives or stabilisers that may cause ‘matrix effects’ thereby providing real blood like results.

The merits of this development will be immediately apparent to all ‘Quality stakeholders’ involved with glucose measurement. For the first time ever, ALL glucose devices, from whichever manufacturer should be expected to give the same, accurate glucose results. Quality Assessment can now become meaningful in terms of precision and accuracy for all medical professionals involved in the diagnosis of diabetes and glycaemic control.

CueSee®Glucose-PT (Product code: P13.90.35)

  • One sample for up to 20 Glucose measurements
  • 2 weeks submission deadline from receipt of sample
  • Must be stored at 2-8°C on receipt. Stored unopened at this temperature it is guaranteed to be stable until the expiry date
  • Once the sample is mixed it is stable for 4 hours at room temperature, 15-30°C
  • CueSee-online is a free dedicated website for submission of your results and for reviewing and downloading your reports

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