The Euro-Trol CueSee® Haemoglobin-PT External Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) offers you the solution to guaranteed quality.  The scheme provides a monthly analysis of samples distributed simultaneously to all users facilitating performance comparison within specific ‘user groups’ and satisfying the requirements for clinical audit.

CueSee® Haemogloboin-PT is an unassayed real haemoglobin control intended for professional use in Proficiency Testing/External Quality Assessment Schemes for verification of the precision and accuracy of haemoglobin analysers. The purpose of this quality control is to check calibration and other performance related characteristics.

CueSee® Haemoglobin-PT is a quality control available at distinct levels each with a different haemoglobin concentration (tHb), each vial holding 1.0 mL purified stroma-free bovine hemolysate without any dyes or preservatives.

CueSee® Haemoglobin-PT complies with the European Directive 98/79/EC in vitro diagnostic medical devices and carries the CE mark.

CueSee® Haemoglobin-PT (product code – 13.90.34)

  • One sample for each specified analyser
  • 2 weeks submission deadline from receipt of sample
  • Can be stored at room temperature (until the date on the vial)
  • CueSee-online is a free dedicated website for submission

We trust that you will appreciate the benefits of becoming a subscriber. The EQA scheme has been originated and developed as a minimal cost additional service for users throughout the UK.

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