BabyLance® baby safety heelstick has earned worldwide popularity for its smooth accurate incisions, ease of use, and safety features.

• Offering a range of comprehensive incision depths designed to provide the optimal amount of capillary blood with the least amount of trauma

• Proprietary internal spring activates the blades swift action – delivering a gentle arcing incision minimising trauma to the baby by providing a consistent, smooth incision

• An easy to activate pull trigger, the preferred ergonomic activation mechanism

• Unique housing provides visual guidance for accuracy and dimples for a secure grip

• Pre-loaded blade automatically retracts after use reducing risk of accidental sticks/cuts

easy to use

Ordering information – available through:

Prospect Diagnostics Ltd.

NHS Supply Chain

Product colour BabyLance®  MPC NPC Incision depth Incision width Indication*
Acti Lance® baby Micropreemie Micropreemie P-BLM FTM523 0.6mm 2.20mm Less than 1000g
Acti Lance® baby Preemie Preemie P-BLP FTM525 0.85mm 3.00mm 1000g – 2500g
Acti Lance® baby Newborn Newborn P-BLN FTM524 1.00mm 3.00mm 2500g – 9kg

* These are suggested indications – clinical judgement should determine which model to use