High specification, single use safety lancets for capillary sampling – minimise pain, maximise comfort!

  • Range of 6 lancet types available to suit all requirements
  • Ergonomic shape & grip, ease of orientation
  • Safe for both patient & user, fulfilling all safety considerations
  • Sterile, single use product, cannot be reloaded or reused
  • Efficient, uniform & accurate sample results
  • Quick comfortable puncture due to built in spring action

Product information

How to use Haemolance+ safety lancets

  • To remove the protective cap, turn and twist in one movement (full turn)
  • Place the lancet along the nail edge (approx 2mm away), press and release the button in one quick movement.


  • The lancet should rest gently but firmly against the patients finger
  • For those with thicker skin the lancet can be pressed harder against the finger if required
    Guide marks along the lancet denote the puncture point
  • Please refer to our reference guide to ensure the correct lancet type is used for the volume of blood required
  • We recommend wiping away the initial blood drop, and then gently squeezing the finger to improve the blood flow/sample then taken (ProWipes are ideal for this purpose).

For further reference

Haemolance+ Safety Lancets Testimonials

“All our collection teams have used the Haemolance+ Safety lancets since Aug 2012 to support Haemoglobin testing for approx 1.8 million donations per annum. Our staff have found them very easy to use, and our donors have commented frequently on their relative “comfort” of use – a great improvement on our previous device.”

– Blood Donation Directorate, NHS Blood and Transplant

“We have used these lancets on the ward since their introduction in to the trust (I assume therefore since 2009).

“I have spoken to a number of staff on the ward who use them regularly. They are all happy with the lancets and had no comments other that they are easy to use. There are no safety issues.”

– Jill, Great Ormond Street Hospital

“Hart Biologicals has been using the Haemolance+ Safety Lancets since 2009 in conjunction with one of the largest primary healthcare services in Scotland based in Glasgow.

“This project is set now to continue for the next 5 – 8 years, and we will continue to use the Haemolance+ Safety lancets.

“We have found the lancets easy to use with no performance or safety issues to date, we would have no problem recommending this product to potential users.”

– Hart Biologicals

“We are the premier suppliers of accredited phlebotomy, cannulation, and capillary blood collection training in the UK.

“We first came across Haemolance+ in a private capacity whilst in use by the Blood service and one of our directors – Andrew Purkiss was so impressed with the product that he took details of it and made contact with the suppliers – Prospect Diagnostics Ltd.

“That was in December 2012 and since then we have used Haemolance+ in all of our training and recommended it to all of our clients, as it is in our opinion the best capillary blood sampling device available.

“It appears to have the lowest failure (misfire) rate of any of the products that we have come across so far, it is easy to use, and so far as we can see, virtually impossible to obtain a needle stick from.”

– Andrew @ Phlebotomy Training Services

Declaration of Conformity and Certificate of Analysis is available upon request.

Video instructions

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Ordering information

Lancet colour Description Incision Device Puncture Depth MPC NPC Sample volume Suggested use
Paediatric Blade 1.2 mm 7365 FTM331 100-200 µl Paediatric
Max Flow Blade 1.6 mm 7364 FTM332 100-200 µl Blood banks / labs
High Flow 18 gauge 1.8 mm 7363 FTM333 20-50 µl Blood banks / labs
Normal Flow 21 gauge 1.8 mm 7362 FTM330 10-20 µl Haemoglobin / Cholesterol
Low Flow 25 gauge 1.4 mm 7361 FTM334 4-10µl Haemoglobin / Glucose
Micro Flow 28 gauge 1.6 mm 7360 FTM335 up to 4 µl Glucose