We have over 25 years of experience at the leading edge of Point of Care Analysis, supplying and supporting more than 5000 practitioners throughout the UK. In partnership with major diagnostics manufacturers and healthcare suppliers worldwide, we are always seeking to introduce and innovative effective diagnostic solutions. Our haemaglobin analysers make blood donation and anaemia screening easier.

Prospect Haemoglobin Analyser

The palm-sized haemoglobin analyser providing laboratory quality analysis with unmatched speed at the point-of care.

prospect haemoglobin analyser

Prospect Hemo Control Haemoglobin Analysers

Advanced data management functions are available with the Hemo Control Manager and the basic Hemo Control can be upgraded with data management functions at a later point in time.

prospect hemo control manager

The microINR OAT Monitoring System

The iLine® microINR Link analyser is a major step forward in oral anticoagulant therapy monitoring – delivering precise, accurate and cost effective results.

prospect hemo control manager