EuroTrol CueSee® tHb is a haemoglobin control material constituted independently of any device manufacturer. The values are assigned using the HiCN reference method as recommended by the ICSH (International Committee for Standardisation in Haematology).

An assayed real haemoglobin control intended for professional use in the verification of the precision and accuracy of haemoglobin analysers. The purpose of this quality control is to check calibration and other performance related characteristics.

CueSee® tHb can be used on ALL haemoglobin analysers whose end point is azide methaemoglobin including Prospect Hemo Control, Hemo Vet, HemoCue 201+, 201 DM and Stanbio haemoglobin analysers.

If your analyser is reading within the specified range of that particular level of control material, your result is excellent according to the ICSH.

Please remember that the range set out on each batch of CueSee® tHb reflects the confidence interval of the reference method at that particular concentration of haemoglobin and should be used as a guide for evaluating instrument performance.

CueSee® tHb is a quality control available at three levels, each with a known haemoglobin concentration (ctHb), covering the clinically relevant ranges.

Palm-sized haemoglobin analyser

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P253.001.002 CueSee tHb Level 1
P253.002.002 CueSee tHb Level 2
P253.003.002 CueSee tHb Level 3

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