Point of Care Analysis

microINRThe microINR OAT Monitoring System

The iLine® microINR Link analyser is a major step forward in oral anticoagulant therapy monitoring.

hemo control analyserProspect Hemo Control / Manager

Easy to use, robust system, providing laboratory quality Hb analysis – offering connectivity & data management.

haemoglobin analyserProspect Haemoglobin Analyser

The palm-sized haemoglobin analyser providing laboratory quality analysis with unmatched speed at the point-of care.

Safety Lancets

acti-lance babyBabyLance®

Acti-Lance® baby safety heelstick has earned worldwide popularity for its smooth accurate incisions, ease of use, and safety features.

haemolance safety lancetsHaemolance+ Safety Lancets

High specification, single use safety lancets for capillary sampling – minimise pain, maximise comfort. Safe for both patient & user, fulfilling all safety considerations – available in a range of 6 lancet types available to suit all requirements.

Acti-Lance safety lancetsActi-Lance Safety Lancets

Acti-lance Universal is perfect for most of the common tests done with capillary blood including blood glucose, cholesterol, haemoglobin, blood group classification, coagulation tests, virology tests and many others.

Infection Triage

protetanusProTetanus – Tetanus Antibody Status Test

A quick and easy to perform test for anti-tetanus antibodies that allows accident and emergency staff to check the tetanus status of patients before initiating prophylactic treatment. ProTetanus is highly specific (100%) and sensitive (85.8%), providing reliable results to support clinical decisions, and comprises: 40 assay platforms, 40 safety lancets & diluent.


NeurOptics NPi 200pupillometerNeurOptics® Pupillometer NPi®-300 with SmartGuard®

Introducing the NeurOptics® Smart Approach to Pupillary Evaluation, a completely automated system from patient admission to discharge. An accurate, reliable and objective system that saves valuable nursing time and eliminates potential charting errors.

Dry Wipes


Cleverly designed, lint-free double sided dry wipes – an excellent solution for use in any point of care or laboratory situation.

Quality Control

Haemoglobin-PTCueSee® Haemoglobin-PT EQA Scheme

The Euro-Trol CueSee® Haemoglobin-PT External Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) offers you the solution to guaranteed quality.  The scheme provides a monthly analysis of samples distributed simultaneously to all users facilitating performance comparison within specific ‘user groups’ and satisfying the requirements for clinical audit.

AcuDropCueSee Glucose-PT EQA Scheme

CueSee® Glucose-PT is a revolutionary whole blood glucose quality control material especially designed for application in External Quality Assessment Schemes to verify the precision and accuracy of blood glucose point of care analysers.

eurotrolEurotrol CueSee® tHb Control Material

EuroTrol CueSee® tHb is a haemoglobin control material constituted independently of any device manufacturer. The values are assigned using the HiCN reference method as recommended by the ICSH (International Committee for Standardisation in Haematology).